Founder and chief designer of Xtwo Studio, a commercial studio which specialises in commercial photography & videography. With more than 16years of experiences consulting both local and international corporations on their advertising and promotional needs, Darren has an acute vision in the latest design trends and market needs. His clientele includes B.Braun, Sharp, Pensonic, Texchem, FoneBud. As a past lecturer in a locally-acclaimed designing school, he is also generous to share about his passion in photography and videography which inspires young creative workers to pursuit their dreams. His philosophy of work : Listen, Understand, Analyse, Provide Ideas & Solutions.


As the Creative Director of Gurl Studio, Allicia Sim is responsible for the creative directions of in-house and customers’ projects, which includes planning, creation, and implementation. She also liaises with marketing executives to ensure clients’ requirements are met. Her role also requires that she leverage and motivates the team of art directors, illustrators, copywriters, and designers. As part of the artistic and creative team, she also leads all brainstorming and creative sessions in generating ideas. With her design background and experience, Allicia is fit to train and guide aspiring talents to become accomplished professionals. As part of the leaders, she will also ensure that the team is aligned with the company’s future creative directions to achieve exceptional results.