• Longan Tong Sui

    Longan Tong Sui

    Ingredients: 40gm dried longan 40gm/1pcs dried snow fungus 20gm dried wolfberry 5pcs dried date 30gm honey block Directions: Wash all the dried longan, dried date, wolfberry & snow fungus. After that, you may soak the snow fungus in clear water for about 15 minutes to soften it as it will...

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  • Honeydew Sago

    Honeydew Sago

    Ingredients: 80gm fresh honeydew (cut into small cubes for blend) 10gm fresh honeydew (cut small pieces for garnishing) 10gm sago (green) 1 scope ice cream (vanilla) 5pcs ice cubes   Directions: Wash the ingredients and cut them into small pieces. Heat up the sago in the jar for about 20...

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