The Best Water Bottle In Malaysia

Water is undeniably the most important component to sustain life other than oxygen itself. It’s a popular notion that you can live without food for 3 weeks, but barely a week without water. With more than 60% of our body being water, it is important that we stay hydrated at all times. While it goes without saying that drinking water is a daily necessity, you need quality water bottles so that you get to rehydrate properly.


What Makes Us Different?

At Relax® we supply some of the best water bottles in Malaysia. Well what makes us different? Our dedicated team of designers, product specialists and marketers had poured in countless hours into materials research and product design. We wish to create a line of products that represent our vision in the water bottle industry. This is why our products showcase exceptional quality while being affordable at the same time. We do not claim to supply the best water bottle in Malaysia but our quality definitely rivals the best. At Relax®, we believe that every individual deserves access to affordable and quality water bottles in Malaysia.


Why Relax®

Each one of our bottles is carefully designed to incorporate the best in water bottle technology. We use high grade materials such as stainless steel and our proprietary Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester in our water bottles. Getting your own Relax® water bottle is now just a click away.


Sit Back & Relax®

Embracing the online culture, we understand the convenience offered by online shopping. With Relax®, customers can now buy their water bottle online. Browse through our extensive catalogue of quality water bottles online. You deserve the best, and this is why we only provide the best water bottles online.


Inspiring More

A small gesture of kindness goes a long way. This is why we incorporate positive and inspirational quotes in our products. Doing more than supplying quality and safe water bottles, we wish to also create a positive and upbeat society. At Relax®, we want our customers to be more than just clients. We want to foster a positive relationship with each of our customers. This is why we share our products as a part of our commitment towards a better society.