3 Recipes Infused Water for Buka Puasa

3 Recipes Infused Water for Buka Puasa

There are many benefits when drinking infused water, mainly the base fact that it’s water. Sufficient amount of hydration is an important key to being healthy. Infused with natural tasty flavors, this gets people to drink more water. Infused water can thus be a way to make drinking more interesting.

Infused water is not only aesthetically pleasing on the eye but the combination allows you to naturally take in more vitamins and nutrients. This trend is popularized among gym go-ers or everyday people due to its infinite combinations only limited by the imagination. Researchers found that around 20 percent of the vitamins and nutrients in certain fruits and vegetables are absorbed when left in water for a couple of hours or overnight. The hybrid taste of different fruits is another reason why people are hyping about this new type of drink.

Besides the benefit of increasing your vitamin intake, naturally water consumption increases as well. Many benefits of water help to speed up your body’s metabolism, increase energy levels, reduce cramping, and many other important benefits. It is not weird to find out that not  everyone enjoys the taste of “plain” water. Youngsters or people who rather have flavorful soda or juice over water now have a much healthier, tasty alternative.

It is important to start each day with a glass of fruit-infused water on an empty stomach to ensure your body absorbs the most out of all the health benefits. Furthermore, consuming water helps with balancing metabolic function, a glass in the morning and before each meal will provide the best results. 

  1. Our first favorite cleanse can be taken from a combination of lemon, cucumber, and ginger. The freshness of the lemon and cucumber with the added ginger not only prepares the stomach for fasting, but is also good for digestion. You can counterbalance the amount of food that you consume at sahur and iftar with the consumption of Lemon Cucumber and Ginger Infused Water. Simply mix ice or warm water with lemon and cucumber slices, then add grated ginger to taste.
  2. After a full day of fasting, we are often not aware of what foods we consume during our hungry state. If you find yourself consuming more unhealthy food during this period, you may try this Strawberry Cucumber Infused Water recipe! The risk of cholesterol found in food stalls can appear in anyone regardless of age restrictions.Take action now, you can control your intake during iftar by consuming a mixture of sliced strawberries and sliced cucumbers chilled with iced water. Making infused water in advance is quite easy. Maintaining health during fasting is still important, yes!
  3. Lemon and mint can be the perfect combination to treat your dehydrated body during fasting. Mix lemon slices with mint leaves to taste in ice water. Besides being refreshing, you also don't have to worry about bad breath and dizziness in the middle of the day when fasting, 



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