4 Ways to Introduce Colours to my Black & White Office Wardrobe

4 Ways to Introduce Colours to my Black & White Office Wardrobe

Have you ever wondered when you open your wardrobe it’s like you see a dark cave? All black.  We’ve all been through that or going through that. Each of us actually can relate.

You can’t deny the fact that black and white is basically everyone’s comfort zone. Cause it’s easy to match & effortless, well it can be worn for any occasion. Especially those who loves minimalist yet professional look, it just gives you confident without having to overthink.

Investing in colour to your office wardrobe is sort of like jumping off a high dive. We understand it is scary to buy colours you might not want to commit. You might experience stepping out your comfort zone. Thoughts like “Should I buy this?” then often time putting a colourful piece back on to the rack so let us ease you into it. Let us add some colour to your outfit, shall we?

Here are 4 Ways add colours to your office wardrobe:

Start with a neutral base: Just like with black and white outfits, it's a good idea to start with a neutral base when incorporating colour. Neutral such as navy, cream, nudes and browns are safe extension colours from black and white. Another important tip is to choose colours that complement each other. For example, you could pair a green blouse with a navy blazer or a burgundy skirt with a cream-colored blouse.

Monochrome Works: This one may sound a bit weird, but it just same like wearing an all-black outfit which has been popping up all over Pinterest & fashion week. And this style is very popular right now. The way fashionista makes it work is by incorporating simple colours of similar tones. For example, an entire monochrome outfit of burgundy works. Or dark teal. The idea of monochrome works because of how every clothing item compliments and creates a cohesive clean look.

Tease in Colour with Patterns: Let the patterns do the talking for you! Patterns can be a great way to add colour and visual interest to your outfit. For example, you could wear a floral blouse with a solid-coloured skirt or a patterned dress with a solid-coloured blazer.

Accessorize with colour: Finally, if you are just getting into adding colour or you are in a highly professional workplace then you could just start off small. Accessories that are physically small yet functional. Think accessories that are a bang for your buck!

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