Do and Don't for Thermal Flasks

Do and Don't for Thermal Flasks

Everyone loves a good vacuum flask as they are the perfect way to keep our hot drinks hot and our cold drinks cold. While using a flask, we can avoid using plastic which helps to save and look out for the planet.

Thermal Flasks are great for traveling, sports, and even just for sitting at your desk. So yes, these are just a few of the reasons why we recommend that everyone tries our Relax® Thermal Flasks.

Yet, we all know the struggle is real whereby you are not sure what is the Do and Don't for your Thermal Flask.

Luckily, we have prepare some of the Do and Don't just for you.

The thing that *You Should* be doing for your thermal flask:

  • Do always clean the newly bought thermal flask to avoid any bacteria or odor.
  • Do allow the newly washed thermal flask to be completely air-dry with its cap removed.
  • Do use a sponge brush instead of a stainless steel brush as stainless steel brush will damage its inner layer.
  • Do hand wash all the parts of the flask as it will increase the life of the container.
  • Do use warm water and washing liquid to clean your flask. Rinse thoroughly with hot water, do not immerse in water and let it dry thoroughly.

The thing that *You Should Not* be doing to your thermal flask:

  • Do not clean using chlorine and bleach as it will damage the stainless steel.
  • Do not stir the contents or insert any kind of solid or frozen object in the flask (especially if the flask has a glass liner)
  • Avoid expose your flask to any kind of hear source like microwave.
  • Do not use dishwasher for cleaning
  • Do not put the flask in the freezer as freezer would not be effective in cooling due to its double insulation.

If you are planning to buy a new thermal flasks, always remember to look for the following properties as there are High Corrosion Resistance, Safe, Stable and Long-Lasting.


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