Relax X A Kind Man 有种人Podcast

Relax X A Kind Man 有种人Podcast

In honour of International Women's Day, Relax Bottles and A Kind Man 有种人 have partnered to launch a special program: The Wonderess Voice, a podcast celebrating the achievements of successful women. To complement this endeavour, Relax Bottles has introduced a limited edition thermal flask adorned with shimmering gold, themed "Born To Shine." This theme emphasizes that every woman possesses inherent brilliance, regardless of her background, and is capable of making a significant impact in her chosen endeavours.

#BornToShine unleashes the innate potential and power within every woman, encouraging them to demonstrate their brilliance in their respective fields. Each woman is an individual entity, endowed with unique talents and capabilities. Named “Golden Rule," this exquisite thermal flask serves not only as a stylish accessory but also as a symbol representing the radiant presence of women who have the potential to influence and transform the world around them.

Throughout March, The Wonderess Voice will broadcast a series of life stories, exploring the trials, triumphs, and accomplishments of 31 remarkable women across diverse fields. These narratives aim to provide deeper insights into the lives, values, and aspirations of women, fostering greater appreciation and acknowledgment of their strength and wisdom.

Join us in this extraordinary month to celebrate the achievements of women, inspiring each other to shine brightly and collectively shape a world that is uniquely ours.

If you're interested in this podcast, you can access it through the following link: