Relax X Mell By Melinda Looi Collaboration

Relax X Mell By Melinda Looi Collaboration

The exclusive preview of the Relax and Melinda Looi collaboration took place at Melinda Looi's esteemed fashion suite. Witnessing Relax Bottles chosen as the accessory of choice for the upcoming Cruise Collection 2024 marks a definitive confirmation of our brand's presence and influence in the world of fashion.

We are proud of being chosen as one of the design accessories included in Melinda Looi’s Cruise Collection 2024. An exclusive edition of Relax Bottles found its place on the runway fashion suite. 

The collaboration was officially announced at a private event hosted by Melinda Looi, where attendees had the exclusive opportunity to preview the designer's Cruise Collection 2024. The collection boasts vibrant designs that reveal a harmonious blend of Relax Bottles' subtle aesthetic and elegance, showcasing a synergy between the two.

At the heart of this collaboration is the creation of a limited edition Relax Bottle design that complements and reflects the aesthetics of Melinda Looi's Cruise Collection. The design, crafted by the talented team at Mell by Melinda Looi, combines practicality with artistry, offering a one-of-a-kind accessory that seamlessly integrates into the lifestyle of the modern trendsetter.

The limited edition Relax Bottle will feature exclusive elements inspired by Melinda Looi's signature style. Expect to see intricate patterns, bold colors, and a touch of glamour that encapsulates the essence of the Cruise Collection. With only a limited number available, this collaboration promises to be a collector's dream, a fusion of fashion and function that will undoubtedly make a statement.

The Relax Bottles x Mell collaboration promises to redefine the intersection of fashion and lifestyle accessories. With a limited edition design inspired by the Cruise Collection, this partnership invites individuals to embrace a touch of luxury and elegance in their everyday lives. 

For this limited-edition collection, we have curated a selection of 14 designs exclusively tailored for a chosen few thermal flasks and water bottles.


Water Bottle Collection

Thermal Flask Collection



The Relax X Mell collection is now live on our website. Click this link to get your designer bottles now: