11 Easy Gender-neutral Christmas Gifts for All-Ages

11 Easy Gender-neutral Christmas Gifts for All-Ages
Are you still thinking of what to get? Is your company doing another gift exchange event or your circle of best friends are celebrating another round of Secret Santa this year. Fear not my friend! For Relax has got your back with these gender-neutral Christmas gifts for Everyone!


We’ve thought of every scenario possible to bring you the best selections of Christmas gifts from infants, moms to everyday working adults of all professions, sports enthusiasts and elders. When we said ALL we meant everyone. We’ve done the head cracking, thinking, calculating for you, so just sit back, Relax and shop till you find that meaningful gift!


Are all your close friends or families now new moms/dads and having a baby? Nothing is more challenging than transitioning in taking care of a newborn, give them a little me time by gifting...

  1. 500ml Standard Thermal Flask comes with a free pouch easy for travelling and making baby formulas on the go.   
  2. Smooth to touch excellent thermal carafe best for when it comes to making baby formulas or just having a warm relaxing tea time, the carafe easily stores hot water in a convenient and sleek manner.
  3. Starting on solids? Porridge kept warm can be easily stored and brought out using our baby hot food jar during get together with friends.
  4. Clear straw bottle toddler shows how much your baby has drunk or if any residue is stuck. Decorated with cute endangered animal mascots that have a personality of its own. Bound to be a educating conversation starter with the toddler .



What comes to your mind when thinking of a working adult? For me it's starting the day right with a good aromatic coffee or tea, of your preference and ending it by drinking at least 8 liters of water a day. Stay hydrated my friends.

Know someone who enjoys a warm cup of coffee and needs to drink way more water daily? Gift them...


  1. Thermal tumbler with lids are good on the go, even better in shaky commutes with leak-proof cover and perfect for retaining hot or cold drinks. Comes in two colours, one for me and one for you!
  2. Not feeling the cup, here’s a skinny thermal tumbler flask instead. Does the same except its sleeker and with a slimmer dimension. 
  3. It’s time to upgrade that tabao or takeaway cap fun with our Stainless steel leak-proof lunch box  that has a silicon ring to seal tightly and no spill.
  4. Want something lighter, try out a Tritan water bottle which ranges from as little as 670ml mini travel water bottle  to 3800ml big bottle and straw. Carry it to school, work, gym, travel or anywhere.


Buying gifts for parents usually sounds something like “Girl-ah why you buy mommy this, Haiya” but actually deep down they appreciate it so much even when verbal I love yous are rarely exchanged. So let's gift our parents a meaningful and useful product to show our appreciation...


  1. Simple thermal flask made with classic, timeless design that is easy to use without fussy or complex functions. Retains hot water for easy consumption and comes in many different sizes.
  2. Say buy buy to cold and forgotten coffee as Relax vacuum coffee cup stays hot up to 6 hours as our parents chit chat away while sipping coffee.


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