Can Tritan Water Bottle withstand Hot Water?

Can Tritan Water Bottle withstand Hot Water?

Plastic water bottles are commonly found in daily life as familiar material but the quality and safety has been questioned by many. People are still in doubt that a bottle, whether it is a PP (Polypropylene) plastic bottle or PC (Polycarbonate) plastic bottle, is truly safe until the appearance of Tritan that is tested and openly accepted by the majority. 


How can I tell the difference between Tritan and normal plastic bottles?

Common plastic bottled waters are often marketed with the idea that it has higher quality compared to tap water but in fact many manufacturers may NOT have additional filtering before bottling it. Besides the traces of microbes and other contaminants, the plastic itself will leak harmful toxins into the water overtime and this is particularly common with older water bottles that have been exposed to heat. Mainly BPA, a type of plastic toxin which may accumulate in the system causing kidney and liver diseases.

Relax goes the extra mile when using Tritan water bottles, not only do we proudly market our bottle's material as Tritan, we will also print the Tritan label at the bottom of the water bottle’s body alongside BPA free/ FDA approved/ Dishwasher safe. Did you know that 93% of Americans at age 6 and up tested positive for BPA which is found commonly in plastic bottles. Do read the labels before buying!

The advantages of Tritan material are many, such as material, toughness, durability, and the transparency of Tritan material has crystal-like appearance. Resistant to dirt and is not prone to odor, Tritan pushes for safety in manufacturing without Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-S and any Bisphenol substances. It is very safe to use even for babies and infants. 


Now, for the answer, can this material withstand hot water?

The result is Tritan only has a temperature resistance up to 96°C. It is not suitable for steam sterilizers, or boiling water even for a minute as high heat will cause deformations to the bottle. Just make sure to pay attention to the water, other than that Tritan has no disadvantages.  

The handle and flip cap/ button is made of polypropylene. Which is a plastic that's FDA approved material for food container. It is one of the safest among all plastics, with high heat-resistant. Due to its high heat tolerance, it is unlikely to deform even when exposed to warm or hot water.

In cold temperatures, food grade silicone remains very flexible and in hotter temperatures, the food grade rubber maintains its form and integrity without suffering any heat-related damage.

What is the best way to clean Tritan if I can't steam sterilize it?

Higher temperature of water will cause the Tritan bottle to have a shorter life cycle and the best way to clean is by soap and using hands. A small amount of dish soap paired with warm water will easily remove any residue. Use a sponge instead of hard bristles to prevent tiny scratches on the surface. 

Why switch to Tritan?

91% of 1 million plastic bottles purchased daily are not recycled. It is just as bad to refill plastic water bottles since they are designed for single-use hence, reusing plastic water bottles encourages bacteria growth and chemical leak. By using reusable Tritan water bottles, YOU can save approximately 1,460 plastic bottles per year.

Relax only uses the best material in water bottle production with designs that bring impact and awareness to the users. Not only we care for our consumers but also the environment. From body to lid material of water bottles are made using the Tritan material at the utmost. 


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