Tips to Reconnect a disconnected Relationship

Tips to Reconnect a disconnected Relationship

What is the cause of distance in a relationship?

Long-distance relationship or LDR is difficult to maintain for a certain period of time as the lack of closeness felt from physical intimacy will cause frustration between couples, change in feelings and eventually falling apart. It is especially difficult during quarantine times since there are very little face to face meetings and date opportunities. During the period, partners in different countries will go through separate life experiences in life which may change the point of view on certain things, molding you into a different person compared to the start of this long distance relationship.


Everything is going well with this new guy, he’s charming, caring, handsome and oh-so perfect BUT because of different cultural outlook and background, parents are not keen on the relationship and will say or do anything to stop it. Disagreement between families can cause a huge headache when each individual has different views or beliefs that clash. Sometimes conflict can occur when people misunderstand each other and jump to the wrong conclusion. The ongoing negativity from conflits may cause stress and damage to an already threatened relationship. 


There are also couples who live together but are both busy with long hours of work and things are not as exciting as they used to be. When living together all the time, one would get too comfortable with less hint of a mystery and more of a roommate who just happened to move in. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that this man you're living with is your love and not just your roommate. 

Repetitive daily life between couples will slowly wear off the spark as your relationship grows steadier and more comfortable, couples may even start to feel bored as you’ve lost interest, don't pay much attention, finding it difficult to hold a common interest or conversation. These are such signs of boredom in a relationship.

How to Reconnect the distance of a disconnected relationship?

Communication is extremely important so make time for it even if it's just a short voice message or a note with an inside joke. Keep doing the things that made you fall in love with each other whether it’s the little messages, flirty notes, cute and exciting pictures. Engraving inside jokes on bottles is a nice way to bubble a giggle out of your partners throughout the day or think of you when using it. These are amazing ways to remind each other of love and keeping the spark alive. 

Romantic relationships are easily neglected when both prioritize work, children, housing or education which are just as important but these external forces may cause stress and imbalance to the relationship. Instead, try showing appreciation in big or small ways such as small special dates or meaningful gifts that bring back cherished memories and showing the same affection as you were in the early stages of your relationship. Continually putting in effort to fan the flames will ignite the passion for the long haul. 


Disagreement between families in an interacial relationship can be stressful for both parties but this does not mean both partners from different backgrounds can’t be together. It's best to sit the parents down and negotiate to find a peaceful solution by defining the problem and sticking to the topic. Before starting the conversation, it’s best if both parties are calm, open-minded and listen carefully before speaking with emotions. When discussing sensitive topics, it is important to respect the other person’s point of view by paying attention and listening. Tone used as well has to be clear and reasonable when trying to find points of common ground. 


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