5 Best Water Bottles for Office

5 Best Water Bottles for Office

Keeping a stylish reusable water bottle on your desk encourages one to stay hydrated while working, but every material brings several factors to think about before just buying anything off the wide internet. Are you looking to buy a durable & best for everyday commute or gifting to clients or employees to show appreciation? Keep on reading! We’ll cover some of our office favorites rated by Relax employees themselves.  Relax bottles focus on Tritan & Stainless Steel as the main material, alongside functional designs suitable for the daily office use will keep you hydrated throughout the day, plus point features like temperature retention, an extra-large capacity, or strainers. So let’s explore together!

Drink Hot or Cold for Hours

Thermal Flask comes first place as the highest rated, most used product. Since it has both the function of keeping cold or warm for hours. Designed with two layers of vacuum insulation, allows for temperature to stay the same for 6 to 12 hours whatever the weather outside is. Making it hassle free when it comes to enjoying a warm cup of tea or cold beverages! A must have especially with the Malaysian heat, bring along your thermal tumbler to ‘tabao’ your fav local kopi peng. Not only will you be able to slowly savor it on the way to work, your hands will also be clean from condensation as the cold is retained plus less single use plastic!

1. Relax double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, it keeps water cold for up to 12 hours and has double lock seal that helps minimize the possibility of opening & spills. Advance technology makes it lighter in weight 250g, has a detachable spout component for easy cleaning, Powder coating & anti-slip base makes it longer lasting. Available in 4 colours & 2 sizes. 

2. Relax thermal tumbler made to be leak-proof (silicon seal ring stopper) during shaky commutes and rush hour, designed in mind a typical takeaway coffee cup with added matte powder coating, easy to grip and flip for drinking on the go.  

Lightweight Eco-friendly Tritan Plastic Water Bottle

Tritan material is perfect for high-volume drinkers due to it being naturally lightweight, you can easily carry 1L and above capacity while commuting to work. Durable to any accidental slips and cracks during rush hour thanks to Tritan’s bouncy exterior. Most Relax large capacity Tritan water bottles come with a removable straw for comfortable drinking and wide opening to make sure the cleaning process is hassle-free.

This new hybrid Tritan plastic is BPA-free, meaning even under long exposure of sun there won’t be any chemicals seeping into your drink. BPA plastics are commonly found in single-use mineral water bottles so always look out for BPA-free labels before buying.

3. A basic option, with not so basic design, Endangered Species edition has a double lock, flip-top lid and a removable straw design that’s hydrates quickly & easy to drink. The BPA-free Tritan plastic bottle is durable, with a handle you can easily bring it to the office and back. Also available in smaller or larger capacities.

4. Slim and easy to grip 900ml Tritan Sporty water bottle fits into any backpack or car drink holder. Single-handed drinking with modern press & flip button makes it easier to drink. Small mouth width made to fit (2cm) makes it less likely to spill.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles are Made to Last

Ditch the BPA because stainless steel is simply chemical-free. Proper way of washing and drying the surface out makes it highly resistant against rust, corrosion and stain or any chances of bacteria to grow. High quality stainless steel does not carry any odor or metallic taste & is able to withstand heat up to 99 degree Celsius. Making it dishwasher safe and leak-proof, your partner for everyday usage. 

Stainless steel drinking materials are proven to also be helpful for plastic-sensitive lips that would peel or hurt when drinking from plastic water bottles. Due to the allergic reaction, chemical free stainless steel would be your best choice!

5. Carry a bottle that represents your mood for today, designed with vibrant two-tone colors each has a meaning on their own. Relax stainless steel water bottle is our latest obsession with powder coating making it twice more durable compared to traditional ones & silicon grip handle for extended comfort. 


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