Benefits Of Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day

Benefits Of Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day

How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

It is a simple question with no easy answer.

Throughout the years, studies have produced varying recommendations for us but each individual water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live. There is no single formula that fits for everyone.

You might also probably heard of the advice, "Drink 8 glasses of water a day."

That is easy to remember and also a reasonable goal but most people can stay hydrated just by drinking water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty. Some people might need fewer than eight glasses a day but some might need more. 

Below are some of the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day:

Support Vital Functions In The Body

Up to 60% of human adult body is composed by water. Therefore, our daily stomach digestion, blood circulation, the creation of saliva, the transportation of nutrients, and the maintenance of body temperature all depends on it.

As simple as it may seems, by drinking enough water throughout the day are able to make sure that everything in our body is in top shape and running the way they should be.

Muscle Stamina

Muscle fatigue is one of the side effects if your body do not have enough water as your body is experiencing an imbalance of fluids. If you have the habits of exercising every day, it is very important to stay hydrated so that your body is able to do everything being asked. Always remember to bring your water bottle together with you and ensure your body keeps replenishing the water lost throughout the exercising sessions. Even if you do not frequently go to the gym or exercise, staying hydrated is the minimum basic because it can help to prevent your muscles from feeling sluggish.

Kidney Function

Our body’s vital detox system is the kidneys. One of the main jobs of our kidneys is to help sifting out waste and transporting urine to the bladder. Therefore, our kidneys need lots of water in order to be able to do this efficiently. If there is not enough fluid passing through our kidneys, the minerals within these fluids can crystallize into clumps and form kidney stones. If this happens, it will greatly affect both yourself and also your family.

Of course, you can still get a kidney stone even if you drink plenty of water, but staying hydrated certainly will help your body systems to run the way it’s supposed to be and also to prevent any unwanted blockages from forming.

Ease Digestion And Promote Circulation

Drinking water is able to add fluid to the colon, which helps to ease digestion and make sure everything keeps moving throughout your body as it should be.

Soothe Joints

Those people who frequently deal with aching joints can consider increasing your daily water intake. When your body is well-hydrated, it is able to keep your cartilage soft and supple, helping your joints function properly. Some supplements taken for arthritis pain, such as glucosamine, work by helping the cartilage absorb more water from the body. By simply increasing your daily water intake, you can help to soothe joint pain without having to take any artificial supplement.

Clear Skin

Drinking lots of water are unable to reverse the aging process, however it helps to re-fuel your body with a steady supply of water. This will help to improve your skin’s overall clarity and also your appearance. When toxin gradually builds up in your body, it will cause inflammation which often resulting in redness, dullness, dehydration of the skin, and acne.

Fortunately, by drinking enough water, this will be able to help to flush these toxins out of our body's system and keep your skin balanced, clear, and well-hydrated from the inside out.

Clearly the above shows how vital is water towards our body. Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Bring a water bottle or thermal flask with you alongside to keep you constantly hydrated. Don’t wait until your body show signs of dehydration then only you start drinking water, make it a habit to keep refueling every hour or so to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.


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