9 Ways to Drink More Water

9 Ways to Drink More Water

Drinking more water isn’t as easy as you think, especially for those busy people who are always on the go. While “drinking more water” is a great resolution in theory, yet it needs to be a little more specific to be a smart goal.

Always start with small steps in hitting your daily water intake goal. To help you get started, below are the 'Nine Ways to Drink More Water'

  • Add Your Own Flavors
    Water can be quite boring and tasteless sometimes. However, instead of using the flavoring agents that you commonly found in stores, there are other options for you to choose from that will make your water taste even better. Fruits such as watermelon, mint or orange/lemon slices are some great ideas to make your water taste better.

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  • Eat water-rich foods.
    ‘Eat your H2O’ is the other way to increase your daily amount of water that you consume. Always go for fruits and vegetables that are high with water content. Some of the top picks for fruits and vegetables include cucumber (96% water), zucchini (95% water), watermelon (92% water), and grapefruit (91% water)
  • Drink a glass of water after every bathroom break.
    This is another way to start an awesome habit to drink more water. You just have to link drinking water with one of your most common daily activities which is toilet break. You may stop by at the kitchen to have a glass of water after you have gone for a toilet break. Since you're already getting up from your desk, then why not add in a short water break on your way back. This will set up a great cycle.
  • Get some reusable straws.
    By using a straw, you will drink much more faster. However, please do not use those disposable plastic straws which will cause more pollution to our planet as they will take up to 200 years to be decomposed. Therefore, you may try some elegant, sleek-looking stainless steel straw as it will not pollute our planet, plus it is reusable and environmental friendly.
  • Set a deadline for every 250ml.
    Set yourself a target. For example, "Get It Done Before You Go To Bed" or something like "Drink Eight Glasses Of Water By The End Of Today". This is one of the way to motivate yourself to work towards that target. If you have already set yourself a target, you'll surely want to complete the target no matter what it costs.
  • Take a small amount of water before every meal.
    You may take a small amount of water while you are preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner at home. If you are at a restaurant, always ask for some water before having your meal. This is a very simple rule that will help you to drink more water. Once you have established these "rules," you will find out that you are doing it almost automatically without having to think about it.
  • Invest in a high-quality and reusable water bottle
    Get a good looking and high-quality water bottle which you will enjoy using every day. Whether it is an insulated bottle that keeps your water hot/cold throughout the day or a giant bottle that keeps you hydrated for the whole day, it must help to motivate you to keep drinking.

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  • Bring your own water bottles when going out
    Whether you are out for work or leisure, always fill up your water bottle instead of buying as you go because it is a waste of money whereby you can get it for free at your own house. If you do bring your own water bottles, you are able to drink it anytime, anywhere without wasting those valuable hours searching for places to buy your beverages. Through this, you are also helping out in preserving the environment by reducing disposal water bottles or plastic bags. Remember to always keep your water bottles full.
  • Reward yourself for achieving your personal goals.
    There is nothing happier than treating yourself a reward for accomplishing something you have set out to do. It will encourages you to keep pushing for that goal. Make a rule that if you achieve your water goal every day for a week, you will get yourself that something you have wanted. Surely, staying hydrated and the health benefits of water already have alot of advantages but we could always enjoy a supplementary reward every once in a while.

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Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and with a few small adjustments to your daily routine, you can increase your water intake to the level that keeps you feeling your best!


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