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Did you know that to support our overall well-being, we need to consume water?

But drinking hot water is thought to provide a range of additional health benefits to our body. People have consumed hot drinks since the early age. Folk medical literature is filled with stories regarding how hot water can improve one’s health.

Below are some of the benefits of drinking hot water.

  1. Healthier Digestion - When a person did not drink enough water, the small intestine will absorb most of the water through food and drinks. This will causes dehydration and can also will make it more difficult to have a bowel movement. Chronic dehydration can cause corresponding chronic constipation. This constipation can make bowel movements painful and may cause other problems such as hemorrhoids and bloating. Therefore, drinking hot water helps to break down food faster. It able to reduce the risk of constipation by supporting regular bowel movements.

  2. Body Detoxification – Natural health advocates argue that hot water might help the body detoxify. When water is hot enough to raise a person's body temperature, its able to cause sweating. Sweating expels toxins and can help to clean the pores.

  3. Improved Circulation – Hot water is like a vasodilator, as it able to expand the blood vessels and improve blood circulation. This can help to muscle relax and reduce pain. Yet, there are no studies shows that hot water are able to sustained improvements in circulation, even brief improvements in circulation can support better blood flow to muscles and organs.

  4. Reduced Pain – Hot water are able to improve circulation and may also improve one’s blood flow, particularly to injured muscles but there is no research has directly linked hot water consumption to pain relief. But people routinely use heat packs and hot water bottles to reduce pain, therefore, consuming hot water may offer some internal relief.

  5. Reduced Stress – A cup of hot water may help people to manage their stress and anxiety. Studies have found out that consumption of hot liquids, such as tea and coffee, could lower stress and reduce feelings of anxiety. But, there are also study argues that some of the effects are due to caffeine, but that the warmth also played a role in the improved mood of participants.

  6. Weight Loss – Research has long supported the idea of drinking more water can help a person to lose weight. This may due to drinking water increases feelings of fullness. Water also able to help the body to absorb nutrients and flushes out waste. A study that was published in 2003 found out that switching from drinking cold water to hot water could increase weight loss. Researchers found that drinking 500ml of water before a meal increased metabolism by 30%, raising the water temperature to 98.6 degrees accounted for 40% of the increase in metabolism.

Due to the above benefits of drinking warm/hot water, it is better to consume warm/hot water rather than just normal or cold water. 


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