Differences Between Mineral Water & Spring Water

Differences Between Mineral Water & Spring Water

Do you start to get confuse when you went to the water section of the grocery stores just to simply get a bottled water? Every time when you walk pass the bottled water section, you might see something new at the bottled water section such as Vitamin-enhanced Water, Coconut Water, Carbonated Water or Alkaline Water.

No matter where you go, you are likely to see two main type of water in the bottled water section, which is, Mineral Water and Spring Water. But do you know what and how they are different from each other and are they better than your regular tap water?

Here are some answers that we got from experts.


What is Spring Water?

Spring water actually come straight from a single underground spring that rises naturally to the surface. Consumers like it because spring water is collected at a natural source. Once collected, spring water then passes through some filtration process to remove any unwanted or harmful particles.


What is Mineral Water?

Mineral water is also originates from underground but through protected water source. Mineral water flows over and through rocks, picking up the trace of minerals along the way. This distinguish itself from spring water.

You may hear some people refer mineral water as “hard” or “soft.” These descriptions refer to how many calcium and magnesium ions are dissolved into the water. Water with more dissolved ions will lend to harder water. There may be a slight different in taste as some people say that soft water tastes a little bit saltier, while hard water tastes earthier due to the presence of minerals.


Are Spring and Mineral Waters Any Better Than Normal Tap Water?

Speaking of truth, not really. You might get attracted by the pretty packaging images of pristine freshwater springs, snow-capped mountains, or even refreshing outdoors scenes. However, the truth is, all the water still undergoes some sort of water treatments before they are being sold.

Do you know what else goes through water treatment, yes, the tap water. Tap water is often more strictly regulated than most type of bottled water. That is because tap water is under the EPA’s standards and regulations, while bottled water is classified as a food and therefore it faces less rigorous testing.

When push comes to shove, the tap water gets the job done. It will hydrates you, keeps your teeth healthy (which thanks to fluoride) and it costs roughly a million times less than bottled water. If you are really particular about the taste of the water, why not try an home water filter or a glass water bottle?

This one-two punch ensures that your water tastes the way you prefer, since glass drinking bottles are taste-neutral. Plus, these are one-time investments that you will use every day, rather than constantly running out to buy packages of bottled water at the corner store.


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