How To Care For Your Water Bottle

How To Care For Your Water Bottle

Whether your water bottle is made from stainless steel, plastic, or other materials, it is very important to sanitize it everyday because bacteria could build up under a moist environment (within your bottle) which eventually can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Therefore, we provide you a few ways on how to care for your water bottles in this post.



Currently, most of the water bottles are dishwasher safe. You may run the dishwasher with the hottest water settings and a heated dry cycle, which this process will definitely kill all the germs. Ensure that it is totally dry before you reuse it. Remember to keep your water bottle dry at all times as moisture in your water bottle can be a breeding ground for the nasty bacteria.


Soap and water

Wash your water bottle by using a sponge together with a sudsy mix of dish-washing liquid and hot water as this is the safeties and apply effective cleaning method. However, be sure to wash and dry your water bottle with a clean cloth or paper towel to avoid reintroducing any bacteria or other harmful bugs. Swish the soapy water through the entire bottle, same way as you wash the coffee cup or other used glass or mug. Do make sure you get rid of any gunky buildup on the bottom or by the cap area. Then rinse your water bottle with water to remove any soap residue before drying them.



That bottle of vinegar in your pantry can also disinfect your water bottle. You can also use dilute vinegar, which helps to kill most bacteria but not viruses though. Vinegar can also act as a drying agent. You may fill half of the bottle with white vinegar and the other half with water. Close the bottle and let is swish around before leaving it to soak. Let it sit overnight and then rinse the water bottle in the morning. Remember to keep your water bottle dry before you store them up.


Water cleaning tablets

Water cleaning tablets are another reasonable approach, as well as tablets used to clean dentures. It is super easy to do. Fill your water bottle with water, then drop the tablets in as directed on the package, and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then simply rinse out your bottle and you are good to go.


We, Relax®, are able to guarantee you that our water bottles are dishwasher safe, durable and BPA Free as our water bottles are made of Tritan® Material and gone through countless of test and we even get certified by SGS.

Click HERE if you wish know more and what SGS is.


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