Benefits of Relax® Thermal Flasks & Tritan Water Bottles

Benefits of Relax® Thermal Flasks & Tritan Water Bottles
There are numerous different brands of thermal flasks and water bottles available in the market. Not sure on which brand to choose? Why not consider Relax®? Let us show you why. 

Thermal Flask:-

  1. Keep Warm & Cold Guarantee – Relax® thermal flasks offer maximum insulation and temperature retention due to our extensive product design. Our in-house experts have performed countless hours of research into insulation technology to ensure that you get to enjoy your beverage at its ideal temperature anytime, anywhere. Most of our thermal flasks are equipped with bronze and nickel coated layers for maximum insulation. This double-walled technology is able to make sure that you get to enjoy ideal temperature for your beverages for up to 12 hours.

  2. Food Grade SUS304 Stainless Steel Material - Coupling innovation with premium grade stainless steel, you’ll have quality stainless steel thermal flasks that are efficient, durable and good-looking at the same time. All of our Stainless Steel Thermal Products use premium grade 18.8 stainless steel @ food grade SUS304 stainless steel whereby this will ensure that our thermal flasks are highly corrosion resistance and safe for you to enjoy your favourite beverage.

  3. Spare Parts Available - We do offer accessories for thermal flask such as spare lids, stoppers or straws. By only changing normal wear and tear spare parts, not only do you save more as compared to replacing the entire flask, it also reduces the chances of your flask going into the landfill. 

  4. 1 Year Warranty - Still not convinced with our quality? Fear not, with our 1 year product quality protection, we will exchange a completely new one for you if there has been any quality issues found.


Tritan Water Bottle:-

All of Relax® water bottles use only the premium grade Tritan resin which is from US Eastman Company. We are also the certified brand partner of Tritan.Click here for more brand partner information.

Below are the 6 major benefits of our Tritan water bottles:

    1. BPA FREE - Not only is Tritan a BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain BPS (bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols. Tritan™ has been tested by four third-party labs which is shown to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free). Hence, you do not have to worry whether it is safe for you or your families to use our water bottles. 

    2. Accidental Breakage Resistance  – Isn't it a headache when your water bottle just cracked or broken into pieces if you accidentally dropped them onto the floor? Rest assured that by using our water bottles, you will have less to worry as our water bottles are made from Tritan™ Material which are proven to be more lasting and durable as compared to other types of plastic water bottles.

    3. Anti-Leakage - Bought a water bottle and found out that it is leaking upon first time using it? Don't worry as our products are designed with silicone rings or seals which will prevent water leaking. Some of our highly precision manufactured models does not even require silicone seals at all!

    4. Dishwasher Safe – Not all water bottles are dishwasher safe due to the rigorous washing and high temperature inside the dishwasher. Our Tritan™ water bottles are dishwasher safe whereby if you found yourself lazy to wash your water bottle by hand, you can place them into your dishwasher machine and they will come out perfectly clean when it is done.

    5. Withstand Up To Boiling Temperature – Worried of pouring hot water into your water bottle which will cause it to shrink? With our Tritan™ water bottle, you are able to pour hot water up to 80℃ and still in perfect shape whereby they will not shrink nor turn defect. Even you forgot to bring your water bottle along and left it in your car under a hot sun, the water is still perfectly safe for you to drink as Tritan™ Water Bottles are BPA Free.

    6. Crystal Clear Clarity Body – Tritan™ water bottles have crystal clear clarity body where minor substances inside your water could easily be spotted before drinking. Besides, you are also be able to constantly check on how much water have you consumed or how much left in your water bottle.

Click HERE if you wish to understand more about the material information regarding our water bottles.


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