How to Choose A Good Water Bottle for Your Kids?

How to Choose A Good Water Bottle for Your Kids?

Do you know that water consists up to 70-83% of the total weight in premature & newborn babies? It gradually drops down to 53-63% of the total weight in children from 6 months to 11 years of age. Hence, it is vital to ensure that your child is constantly hydrated throughout the day. Over these years, all sort of water bottles with different sizes, shapes, materials, drinking nozzles, insulation levels have been introduced to the market suiting different consumer needs. Which suits you the best? 



Initially, you need to find the right size/volume for your kids. Volume can be measured in either fluid ounces (oz) or liters. According to CHOC Children's recommendation, the recommended water intake for children below 9 years old is based on their age (in years) times by 8oz. E.g. A 3 years old kid is recommended to drink 24oz (3years old x 8oz) a day, excluding other beverages they consume in a day, e.g. milk or juice.
p.s. 1oz is equivalent to approximately 30ml.



It is important for you to choose the correct shape/design for your kids as they are the ones who carry the water bottle around in their daily activities. For kids below age of 3, we would recommend a bottle with straw which makes drinking easy for them and also to prevent chokes on water as they do not know how to control the flow of the water. Do look for water bottles which provide shoulder strap so that they can easily strap over their shoulder to carry around. Detachable shoulder strap is a plus point as you can easily remove the strap off while washing the water bottle. Always look for a water bottle which is slim enough to fit into the sleeve of their school bag. Look for water bottle brands which offer replaceable parts, e.g. the straw or the shoulder strap, so that parents can easily change it when it is old and dirty or even broken. 

Qualities To Look For In A Water Bottle

Always keep the following suggestions in your mind as it will come in handy if you are shopping for a water bottle for your kids or even yourself.

  • Easy to Clean

Make sure to get your kids or even yourself a water bottle that has a big 'mouth' so that your hand are able fit into the 'mouth' of the water bottle and clean it using sponge. It will be much more cleaner compare to the water bottles that have a small 'mouth' and you just able to clean them using tools. It is important to clean the water bottles regularly as it will prevent any harmful bacteria from living on the water bottles. By having a clean and safe water bottles, your kids are able to drink their water without worrying about anything. While for those parents who are slightly lazy to clean the water bottles themselves, you could consider to get a dishwasher-safe water bottles as it will save up some of your time and energy cleaning the water bottles. Luckily, there are a lot of different choice of water bottles in the current market for you to choose from.

  • Motivate to Use

Whether your kids get with an insulated bottle that able to keep their water cold/warm or a giant bottle that able to hold their water supply throughout the day, it must be the water bottles that they like. This is because when they are holding the water bottles that they like, it will help to motivate them to keep drink water regularly. Other than this, there are also some water bottles that come with metrics which able to show your kids how much they have consumed throughout the day, so that they can stay on their target.

  • Portable

Last but not least, the whole point of getting a water bottle is for its portability. Therefore, let your kids choose a water bottle that is suitable and portable for them as they are the one who will carry the water bottle around and wherever they go.


Luckily, at Relax®, there are a few choices of Water Bottles for your kids or even you yourself to choose from as all our water bottles have the following properties:

  • Strong & Durable
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Able to Withstand up to Boiling Temperature
  • Crystal Clear Clarity Body

Staying hydrated is very important. No matter what your kids or your days look like. Do help yourself to stay motivated to drink water by choosing the right water bottle that works best for your kids and even yourself.


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