Expand The Life of Your Thermal Flasks

Expand The Life of Your Thermal Flasks

The walls of my flask is dented? 

Between the double walls of the stainless steel thermal flask, there is vacuum insulation which helps keep drinks cold or hot for hours. If it was dented during the drop on the floor by accident, the narrowing of double walls from the dent causes damage to the vacuum insulation. Hence, reducing the insulation which makes it impossible to repair. Be extra careful not to drop for a longer usage.

Can stainless steel products rust?

Many people wonder when stainless steel flask rust is because the body is made using poor quality material? In fact, the answer is NO

People might buy thermal flask to drink their favorite refreshing beverage, but when a material like stainless steel comes in contact with sodas or any beverage in high acidic concentration, the leftover residue can leave a rust inside the stainless steel flask due to these beverages having an acid chemical reaction with the steel. It is best to clean your flask thoroughly as soon as you’re done drinking.

Dairy and perishable drinks that spoil easily should not be kept in the flask for extended time as there may be carbonation or change in acidity.

Milder beverages or pure water will still need daily washing to prevent build-up dirt and smell retained in the flask. Gentle wash with soapy water and air dry the insides completely before screwing on the cap. 

Should I fill my thermal flask to the top with hot water?

On the Relax packaging box, there will be information on the volume of water the flask can contain. Do not pour water over the max line or until the top because the boiling water will easily seep out and may accidentally scald you. Observe carefully to increase the efficiency of heat preservation and a larger volume can retain heat longer compared to smaller volume. It’s best to leave a gap between the cap and water when dealing with hot boiling water. 


Will my drink in the thermal flask get colder in the fridge?
Thermal flasks are able to keep drinks cold for so long because of the double wall vacuum insulation in between the inner and outer walls. The concept applied on cold drinks stops the heat from getting into your thermal flask  but the vacuum insulation will stop the fridge from cooling down your beverage. Making it highly impractical slower to cool your drink. 

How about the freezer?
Do NOT put thermal flasks in the freezer because when liquids freeze they will expand and put on additional pressure on the metal of the thermal flask causing it to deform or break. Once the vacuum insulation is filled with air, thermal products will no longer be able to keep the temperature cold and hot over a prolonged period of time.

It is more practical to put in ice cubes as it’ll keep cold drinks cold for longer.

Features that provide additional protection for your stainless steel flask
There are many types of stainless steel flask in the market but how do I buy one that's durable enough to last for years and not stop working after a couple of months? 
  1. Additional details such as TPE silicon base help minimize slip and slides that would accidentally dent the flask. 
  2. Water bottle or flask cover bag doubled as a sleeve carrier for your water bottle can avoid most accidental droppings that stop dents and scratches of your bottle.
  3. Thermal mug with a base cover maximizes protection against dent 
  4. Relax empowers customers by providing 1 year warranty for all thermal products if within months of using, the thermal no longer performs well or retains heat compared to initial usage, parts can be exchanged and fixed for FREE.
  5. Great job at taking good care of the stainless steel thermal body and if the spare parts are starting to underperform, just purchase the parts from us! 


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