Keep Your Food Hot for Hours

Keep Your Food Hot for Hours

How to prep your food jar to actually keep food HOT

Directly filling a cold just-out-of-the-cupboard thermal food jar with hot food will cause the heat from the food to secondarily heat the food jar causing the food to turn lukewarm if not cold by lunch. To ensure that food stays hot, simply follow these quick steps.

  1. Pour boiling hot water into the food jar to maximum capacity.
  2. Place the lid and let sit for 5 to 7 minutes or longer.
  3. Make sure your lunch is hot before draining out the hot water.
  4. Immediately add your hot food into the food jar.
  5. Seal the lid tightly so the heat won’t escape.


Features To Look Out When Buying a Thermal Food Jar


Stainless steel is the preferred material for thermal products. Nature of steel does not absorb color or smell from food that is stored in it and cleans easily. Good thermal food jar comes with an inner flask surrounded by a partial vacuum that will seal in the heat, keeping the contents warm. The outer case is usually also steel, allowing the consumer to hold the container comfortably without condensation or hurting your hand. Relax 800ml food jar has an ultra durable powder coating that prevents scratches and is extremely comfortable to touch.


Most thermal food jars are designed to have a shorter and wider opening compared to flasks. It is designed to enable easy pouring of contents, such as soup, into the jar—and have a meal out of it. Commonly has a twist-on lid, which helps prevent spills. 


Choosing the perfect size of food jar depends on the usage for it. Relax has both thermal food jars for adults and children. The food will stay hot for several hours when there is no excess air, hence use the most suitable size thermal food jar for the amount of food you're putting in.

The Scientific Secret 

A thermal flask is a bottle with a double-walled container inside of it. To create a vacuum chamber, air between the two walls is sucked out. Essentially, a thermal flask is designed to keep hot things hot for a long period of time by not allowing heat to escape.

Heat is able to escape through the opening of the flask by air. To keep heat from transferring, insulation is built in. In this case, the best insulator possible is a vacuum, since there will be no air. When there's no air to transfer heat, then the heat is retained where it is. 

Brand-less alternatives are usually made out of layers of plastic that help reduce heat transfer. When you use Relax Thermal products today, we can promise that hours later, your meal will still be hot and your drink will still be refreshingly cold! If not, just claim our One Year Warranty, we will replace the body of the flask if it does not work as it is claimed to. 

Bonus: How to know if your Thermal product is functioning well?

A simple way to test how hot your thermal product stays during the day is to just fill with boiling water or hot water then leave for more than 6 hours or the entire day. After a long day, check how hot your water is. It should remain hot enough to make tea after 6 hours. If it's cold it may be time for a new flask! Another instant indicator would be, if hot liquid is poured in and the external surface is hot to touch. This means the thermal is not able to insulate heat.


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