4 Key Benefits of Drinking More Water

4 Key Benefits of Drinking More Water

Since birth, you had been hearing this since whereby you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day but do you really know the theory or benefits behind it (Other than your mom telling you that it is important)?

8 glasses of water per day was mom used to tell you every single day until you had lock it into your brain, but new research shows that it is actually depends on how active the individual will be. You should probably be drinking about half your body weight of water. Of course it is great to know how much, but more importantly is that why you should be drinking water.

The effects of water on the body are not always clear if you are not “in the know,” and that is why we, Relax® are here to help. So put down all the carbonated/flavored drinks and pull out your water bottle and start drinking water.

4 Key Benefits of Drinking More Water

1. You Must Drink In Order To Live

As we all know, our body is made of about 60% water. Our body can not survive for more than a few days without water, whereas somehow it can survive up to a month without food. Strange isn't it??

When Gandhi went on his infamous hunger strikes, the only thing that he consumed were only sips of water. His longest fasts lasted for 21 days. We do not recommend you to go to that extreme, but we thought it might be an interesting fact to get straight to the point.

2. Speaking Of Cutting Calories

Did you know, drinking water has been shown to help suppress your appetite. Sometimes when you get those afternoon hunger and you will go to reach for your favorite snacks, you are actually dehydrated. So remember, next time when you think you are hungry, why not try to drink some water from your water bottle. This trick has saved us from numerous afternoon snacks, cutting calories and money in the process.

3. You Will Look Gorgeous

We said that our body is made of 60% water but did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? Well, it is and if you want it to be in tip top shape, you have to keep it hydrated. Though that, you can have a glow like nobodies else that makes everyone wonder what is your secret beauty tips. If they ask, you can tell them your secret or you can just tell them that it is actually based from your family genetics.🤣

4. Your Office Nickname Won’t Be Grumpy Cat

Research shows that people who are dehydrated are more likely to have a negative mood than those who are properly hydrated. This can be good for physical activity, being around family at the holidays, or when you and your boss do not see eye to eye on things. When you need to stay cool, you need to be hydrated.

So grab yourself a water bottle, fill it up and take it everywhere you go. And if you need one, just click HERE and get yourself a water bottle.


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