This Or That

This Or That

Thirsty for a new water bottle? Look no further, as we're your dedicated bottle matchmakers! Whether you're seeking a substantial size, a compact sidekick, or one that can handle extreme temperatures, we've got the ideal match for you.

Here's a personalized breakdown of the outstanding features for each of our bottles:

Thermal Flasks:

Keeps your beverage piping hot or refreshingly cold for extended hours.

Sleek design easily fits inside your bag, making it a stylish on-the-go choice.

Perfect for those who enjoy icy outdoor adventures or warm sips of comfort.

Ideal for preparing formula or warming water for your little ones.

Thermal Tumbler:

Maintains your drink's temperature for hours, perfect for sipping on the move.

One-handed operation for convenient use, fitting snugly into your car's cupholder.

Your go-to companion for enjoying hot coffee on your daily journey.


Tritan Water Bottles:

Lightweight and durable, though it doesn't retain temperature.

Large sizes mean fewer refills to meet your hydration goals.

May be a bit challenging for ladies to carry, but perfect for those who need substantial hydration.

Compact sizes for easy portability, although frequent refills may be required for avid drinkers.


PPSU Water Bottles:

Withstands temperatures up to 120 degrees, ensuring sterilization for cleanliness-conscious moms.

Highly durable material, minimizing the risk of breakage.


We believe all bottles are beautiful, and we're thrilled to assist you in finding your perfect match. Whether you're an adventurous soul, a busy commuter, or a concerned parent, our selection caters to all needs. Ready to bring your ideal bottle home? Seal the deal by making your purchase here. Cheers to finding your hydration soulmate!


Introducing Relax Bottles, your ultimate go-to accessory for your fashion and hydration needs. If you're looking for a water bottle for yourself or searching for kids’ water bottles that are both functional and fun, our collection has exactly what you need. Made from durable and BPA-free materials like tritan and stainless steel, our water bottles are designed to withstand everyday use. Discover the versatility of our thermal flasks, perfect for maintaining your ideal temperature for your beverages all day long. From sleek stainless-steel water bottles to vacuum flasks and tumblers, Relax Bottles have the best water bottle options in Malaysia. Choose from a variety of trendy designs and enjoy the convenience of our thermos flask. Experience relaxation on the go with Relax Bottles - your go-to destination for fashionable, functional, and BPA-free water bottles in Malaysia. 


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