Best Thermal Food Jar For Your Family

Best Thermal Food Jar For Your Family

Whether you are packing your favorite dishes for lunch, oatmeal or porridge to eat after your morning commute, selecting a great thermal food jar is most important as it will keep your food at safe temperatures for long hours and most importantly, it will not leak into any of your previous bag.


But most of you sure will have some doubts or even questions before getting yourself a thermal food jar. You might ask some of the questions below:

  1. Will the thermal food jar keep my food warm for hours?
  2. Will it leak into my bag?
  3. Does it easy to eat from and easy to clean?


We will answer the questions above one by one and we will relate the questions with our thermal food jar.


1st of all, before we proceed to mass produce our thermal food jar, we will do countless of test just to make sure that our thermal food jar is able to keep your food warm for at least for 6 hours and above.

Based from the test, below are the test results for our 500ml & 720ml thermal food jar:

Secondly, most of the people sure will be wondering whether the thermal food jar will have leakage problem or not as most of it will have this problem. Rest assure that our thermal food jars hardly will leak. This is due to the well design of the lid as it able to tightly seal the thermal food jar. Other than that, the lid is able to retain the heat and keeping the heat inside the thermal food jar so that your food will continuously stay warm for hours.

Lastly, the most important question is that does the thermal food jar will be easy to eat or even clean? We had design our 500ml & 720ml thermal food jar to have a wide mouth which is 7.7cm wide. This will be easier for you to eat plus you are able to fit your entire hand inside the thermal food jar to clean it.

Other than the above benefits, our thermal food jar will be equip with 1 year Warranty and also some other 'hidden features' as well.

Hidden Features No 1:

The base of our thermal good jar will be include with Scratch-Free TPR Base. The purpose of having it is to prevent any squeaking sound or scratching against any surface. Beside this, it also able to prevent your thermal food jar from sliding away if the surface is slippery or wet.

Hidden Features No 2:

By the way, do you know that if you could not find any bowl to hold your meal or accidentally forget to bring your own bowl, you actually can use the thermal food jar's cup. The cup is able to act as a bowl to hold your meal. If you are worry about whether the cup is safe to hold your hot food, worry not as the cap is made of PP material. This kind of material is able to withstand temperature up to 120°C.

Wonderful isn't it?? Well, you may also check out the video below on how we use our thermal food jar to cook different delicious recipes~~

Honeydew Sago:

Longan Tong Sui:

Wish to know more about our recipes, you may go HERE to check them~~~


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