Glass Linear Thermal Carafe vs Thermal Carafe, Which Is Better

Glass Linear Thermal Carafe vs Thermal Carafe, Which Is Better

A carafe is an essential tools for a family as with it, it able to help to keep your boiled water hot throughout the day. Yet, there are two types of carafes in the market nowadays:

  1. Glass Linear Thermal Carafe
  2. Thermal Carafe


What is a Carafe?

A carafe is a container with a lip spout for serving your water or maybe other beverages hot. At first, these were just simply containers without handles, but as time goes on, they now have handle and comes in different materials. The most widely used are thermal carafes and glass linear thermal carafes. Each has its pros and cons and we will tell you in-depth regarding it so that you can decide which one to choose from.


Glass Linear Thermal Carafe vs Thermal Carafe – The Differences

Glass Linear Thermal Carafe Benefits:

Despite their limited insulation, glass linear thermal carafes do offer its advantages.

  • Glass Linear Thermal Carafes is a non-reactive material that would not interact with the water or other beverages at a chemical level.
  • Another benefit of glass linear thermal carafes is that they are much more cheaper compare to thermal carafes as less materials are required to create them. 
  • Finally, glass linear thermal carafes have a traditional look that everyone is familiar with. This means they will look right at home in both residential or corporate settings.

In general, glass linear thermal carafes are ideal for those who are on a tighter budget.


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Thermal Carafe Benefits:

  • Thermal carafes do not use any external heat source to keep your water hot. Instead, they retain heat by providing a high level of insulation. They are often made from double-walled stainless steel or another design. A well-designed thermal carafe can keep your water hot for hours or even a day simply through its insulating properties.
  • Another benefit of it is that they do not distort your drink's flavor. This is because there will be no external heat being applied. Furthermore, thermal carafes are typically closed to keep heat from escaping, they prevent excess air from reaching your drinks. Therefore, heat is simply maintained within the carafe.
  • Most of them are break or shatter resistant, making them kid friendly and ideally suited to a busy home kitchen, commercial kitchen, picnicking, camping, and other rough and tumble activities.


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Other than the advantages, there are also disadvantages for glass linear carafe and thermal carafes.


Glass Linear Thermal Carafe Disadvantages:

  • Glass linear thermal carafes can break or crack when they are dropped or drop accidentally. Therefore, it will be better to keep it out of reach from children to prevent any unnecessary accident from happening.

Luckily, if your glass linear thermal carafe breaks, you can still able to replace its glass linear with a new one. (This only applies to when it is still under warranty)


Thermal Carafe Disadvantages:

While thermal carafes are great for retaining heat, they do have some downsides.

  • More expensive than glass linear thermal carafes. This is due to their more complex design and the materials they are made with.
  • Many thermal carafes must also be hand washed as this will be a minor inconvenience for some users.
  • The aesthetic of a thermal carafe is not suitable for everyone. While stainless steel and matte black are excellent for modern décor, they might feel out of place in certain settings with a more traditional or relaxed design.


The Bottom Line

In the end, neither a glass linear thermal carafe nor a thermal carafe is better in every situation. Both products have their own advantages and disadvantages. The best option for you depends on your drinking habits and preferences.

Carafes are not expensive units to owe. We therefore suggest you to buy the one that is convenient for you and your family but make sure to keep in mind their pros and cons.


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